Life without Internet – is it possible today?

The internet has become an integral part of our life. It is all around us and will get even better in the days to come. It has changed the world and society consistently as it emerges as the backbone of the modern lifestyle.

The internet is a collection of different services and resources. Today, the internet is the most powerful tool in the world driving almost every sector of our lives. Here is a quick look at how this technology has integrated into various sectors.

  • Information: The internet offers us rapid access to any sort of information from anywhere in the world. With its help, you can find everything you need in a matter of seconds.
  • Communication: The Internet connects millions or even billions of devices. It allows people to communicate with each other across the globe. Online communication applications, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype, allow people to communicate through texts, audios and videos free of cost.
  • Education: The most positive impact of the internet in today’s world is its facilitation to students for educational purposes. Many educational institutions now offer online courses to promote distant learning.
  • Employment: Some jobs do not require a physical presence in the workplace. Thanks to the internet, people can now work virtually. Also, it connects recruiters and job seekers via dedicated communities and portals.
  • Entertainment: Internet can be used for entertainment purpose as well. For instance, music, movies, TV shows, documentaries, comics, video games, everything is now available online. In addition, the internet has brought a new level of computer games, allowing people to play online with friends and acquaintances around the world.

Impact of the Internet on society

Internet brings us lots of advantages for which it has become a vital resource for human lives. Certainly, because of its growing necessity, the technologists now keenly offer security service for users as well alongside the usual internet services.

While this technology has witnessed an overwhelming response from the people, its good or bad usage also imparts corresponding effects on society. At one hand, we see the internet empowering numerous beneficial services for humans. For instance,

  • It makes communication fast and effective around the world. Now, people do not rely on the old slower ways of communication.
  • It enhances business interactions to strengthen the corporate sector.
  • Internet ensures faster transactions, thus saving vital time on conducting finance-driven operations.
  • Quick and easy online payments have reinforced the e-commerce industry. Consequently, online shopping has made our lives less complicated.
  • Latest news around the world can be accessed without depending on the older media, such as the TV or newspaper.
  • The internet has boosted the education and learning process as well by promoting online education.

And the list goes on! Nonetheless, the same technology, if used negatively, an have devastating effects on society. Such as,

  • Inappropriate or illegal materials, not suitable for every age-group or gender, are easily accessible online.
  • Addiction to social networking disrupts an individual’s personal, social, and professional life.
  • Criminal minds use the internet to hack into people’s accounts for malicious activities including financial losses, stealing banking information, and identity and data theft.
  • The internet can be misused for spreading fake news, hate speech, violence, and terrorism.

Life without the Internet

Imagine a war scenario or a natural calamity such as cyclone or earthquake. The aftermath of such situations would surely result in disconnection from the internet service. Would anyone dare to live in such a frightening state?

Well, no one is going to die without the internet. People even had lived without it in the previous years as well. Even today, many people live entirely without the internet. And, certainly, their lives go on. But that does that mean that the internet isn’t important?

While the internet is no replacement to oxygen for living, yet, life without it would be a lot more different (rather difficult) than it is today. Let’s have a look at this horrific situation.

  • There would be no convenience of online shopping. People would have to roam on streets to shop – that too, in a limited duration so as to follow the working hours.
  • Without the internet, one would need to look at maps to find a way to reach another city or, even worse, a specific street. There would be no one to guide you on your way.
  • It would be much difficult to get real-time information without the internet.
  • Social networks would not exist, restricting connections to one’s neighbourhood only.
  • Everything including work, communications, and leisure would be harder, more uncomfortable and difficult.

Isn’t it scary? Although, it will remain possible to survive without the internet. But life would become meaningless, exhaustive, and stagnant. This resource now no more remains a luxury, rather it has become a necessity for lives.